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1. Egger, Daniela (2018) Epigenetik als lebenswissenschaftliches Thema für einen modernen Naturwissenschaftsunterricht in der Sekundarstufe I Master Thesis
2. Henning, Katrin (2018) Restoration and management of abandoned, dry continental heathland and sandy grassland communities Dissertation
3. Egger, Daniela (2017) Die Epigenetik – eine Lebenswissenschaft im Wandel Bachelor Thesis
4. Weidlich, Emanuela Wehmuth Alves (2017) Testing theories for ecological restoration: effects of plant-plant interactions and plant order of arrival on assembly and on above- and belowground productivity Dissertation
5. Hennlein, Julia (2015) The influence of water shortage on birds at the Ili Delta in Kazakhstan Master Thesis
6. Lang, Anne Christina (2012) The role of tree diversity for individual tree growth, crown architecture and branch demography Dissertation
7. Friedrich, Uta (2011) Impact of nitrogen deposition on the functioning of heathland ecosystems Dissertation
8. Krause, Rolf Harald (2011) Spiders, Habitats, Conservation Management : Habitat modeling for two spider species in the nature reserve Lueneburg Heath Dissertation
9. Timm, Anika (2010) Diversity of Ground Beetles and Saproxylic Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae + div. Saproxylic) in East Mediterranean Ecosystems (Israel) Dissertation
10. Schuldt, Andreas (2010) Patterns and drivers of biodiversity: insights from a hyperdiverse invertebrate taxon (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Dissertation
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