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URN: urn:nbn:de:gbv:luen4-opus-144525

The role of consumers in transformations towards sustainable consumption - qualitative and quantitative insights into consumers´ purchasing decisions regarding fast moving consumer goods

Die Rolle von Konsumenten in der Transformation zu nachhaltigerem Konsum

Moser, Andrea K.

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Keywords from authority file SWD (German): Nachhaltigkeit , Verbrauch , Transformation , Verhalten
Free keywords (English): sustainability , consumption , transformation , behavior
Institute: Nachhaltigkeitsmgmt./-ökonomie
Dewey Decimal Classification: Natürliche Ressourcen, Energie und Umwelt
Document type: Dissertation
Advisor: Schaltegger, Stefan (Prof. Dr.)
Language: English
Date of examination: 01.09.2017
Year of creation: 2017
Date of publication: 22.09.2017
Abstract in English: The dissertation project focuses on empirically investigating consumers´ attitudes, motiva-tions and purchasing decisions regarding sustainable products. The focus on this micro per-spective, however, does not reflect consumers´ roles within the transformation towards sus-tainable consumption. Therefore, the present framework paper puts the included papers into a greater context and evaluates the findings on a meta-level by applying an enhanced transition management theory. The analysis underlines that consumers´ limited personal capabilities are an underlying reason for unsustainable practices. Therefore, the active engagement not only of consumers, but also of companies is required if the transformation is to be successful. If companies actively support consumers in making sustainable choices, consumers can engage in sustainable consumption with only low cognitive efforts. On this basis, genuine sustainable choices are enabled. The dissertation provides practical implications by highlighting potential measures which will help to promote sustainable products from niches to mainstream. In sum, the dissertation project enhances academic understanding of consumers´ sustainable purchas-ing behavior and reveals the potential of integrating such insights into the management of transformations towards sustainable consumption.
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